Kia ora David

We appreciate the multi language approach here at our school. We have 3 different ‘strands’ here. Immersion Maori, Montessori, and Original, all operating under a state umbrella.

Lots of our children are bi-lingual,a few speak 3 languages.We feel your dvd would enhance the culture at our school, where children from different communities merge. Your video is a symbol of the richness of language, and the diversity we live with. It would compliment the belief we have, that learning languages other than our ‘mother tongue’ is good for us.

We would use this tool school-wide, from 5yr olds to 11 and 12 year olds and are confident they would all enjoy the video for it’s melody, liveliness, and the challenge of learning the different ways of saying hello.

Best of luck with your future ventures,

Johanne Wicks
Otari School